if satan had a hairpiece

there would be hell toupée

I bet swag thor rps with himself
ask-sassy-michael asked: remember when I cast you out of heaven, haha good times

remember when i didn’t give a shit? good times


Fuck you.

zombieslove asked: HEY SATAN SORRY ABOUT ALL THE MEAN THINGS I DID BUT YOU ARE A WONDERFUL CUTIE THAT IS ALL LIKE AMAZE AND WONDER u go ily ((ale ale ale you are wonderful you make me laugh even though you make me sad and cry a lot when you read my sad fanfictuon but i love you still meryr holiday you get all the happires for you you go ))


((Marieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you so much you make me both laugh and cry too i love yo u too i hope yo u ha d a happy holidays and a great new year))

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hotcocoabutter asked: Omfc I can't go 2 hell. I have to make burgers out of cows

Well, you’re just gonna have to settle for making burgers out of the rotting flesh of the people here. 

adams-wifi-in-hell asked: Can I leave the cage now?



sanssa asked: fuck u luci <3333

When and where?


asksassywillgraham asked: what the fUCK are yOU?????????????????????????


I’m fabulous, that’s what I am.

hotcocoabutter asked: I hit a turtle. Am I going to hell now?

Yeah sorry